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Photos taken by Mikhail Timofeev (aka Tima)
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Church of The Icon Of The Mother Of God “Life-giving Source”7 viewsTsaritsyno. MoscowMar 17, 2020
Two beginner fishermen on a pier13 viewsMar 14, 2020
The sunset at the seaside16 viewsView from the Anacopia fortress. New Athos.Mar 05, 2020
Cottages in the mountains. View from above15 viewsMar 02, 2020
Alone in a dungeon14 viewsСижу за решеткой в темнице сырой... (А.С. Пушкин)
A captive, alone in a dungeon I dwell,
Entombed in the stillness and murk of a cell.
(Translated by I.Zheleznova)
Feb 29, 2020
Woman with a blue backpack over a seaside town11 viewsNew AthosFeb 25, 2020
Rainbow against the backdrop of a mountain range11 viewsThe far mountain range of the Caucasian mountains in the light fogFeb 16, 2020
Rocks and a swampy lake on a mountain plateau10 viewsThe plateau is in the Caucasian mountain. The far mountain range in the light fogFeb 14, 2020
Rain clouds over a mountain valley in the Caucasian mountains10 viewsThe far mountain peak is covered with dense clouds. The rain will begin in a few minutesFeb 11, 2020
Man on rocks over a mountain valley gorge14 viewsIt is a view of the Caucasian mountainsFeb 02, 2020
View of Lake Ritsa in the Caucasus Mountains18 viewsAbkhazia. The lake is surrounded by mixed mountain forests and subalpine meadow. The depth of the lake is 116 metersJan 25, 2020
Woman on a rock near a cavity of a mountain river26 viewsThe slopes of the mountain river bed are covered with wild plants. Now the river is almost dry due to snowless winters (climate change). Abkhazia Georgia.Jan 16, 2020
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