Tima photos

Photos taken by Mikhail Timofeev (aka Tima)
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Peter and Paul Fortress. Saint Petersburg20 viewsMar 04, 2019
Forest Lake23 viewsIt is a small lake on Valaam island. There are two inland lakes and nine small lakes on the island. Valaam island is located in the northern part of Ladoga lake.Mar 01, 2019
Lonely little pine on a rock29 viewsThe rock is a part of Valaam island in the north of Ladoga lake. The average temperature in July is 17 °C.Feb 26, 2019
Roots24 viewsFeb 25, 2019
Northern morning on the lake22 viewsIslands on Lake Onega in the morning haze. The sun is hidden behind the clouds.Feb 18, 2019
Like an arrow20 viewsThe river bank and its reflection looks like an arrowFeb 17, 2019
Sunset clouds and reflection21 viewsFeb 14, 2019
Small chapel by the lake42 viewsFeb 07, 2019
Stair descent to the baptism site on Epiphany Day48 viewsBelievers plunge in water in the hole in the form of a Christian cross to cleanse themselves. Alexander-Svirsky Monastery is placed near the lake.Jan 31, 2019
Morning fog lit by the rising sun39 viewsThe picture was taken on Svir riverJan 25, 2019
Sunrise over the fishing village39 viewsSilhouettes of houses are seen against the background of morning fogJan 21, 2019
Fishing village on the river bank35 viewsTrees and houses on the banks of the river are covered with morning mistJan 17, 2019
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