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Photos taken by Mikhail Timofeev (aka Tima)
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Stair descent to the baptism site on Epiphany Day65 viewsBelievers plunge in water in the hole in the form of a Christian cross to cleanse themselves. Alexander-Svirsky Monastery is placed near the lake.
Small chapel by the lake57 views
Northern morning on the lake34 viewsIslands on Lake Onega in the morning haze. The sun is hidden behind the clouds.
Lonely little pine on a rock42 viewsThe rock is a part of Valaam island in the north of Ladoga lake. The average temperature in July is 17 °C.
Forest Lake33 viewsIt is a small lake on Valaam island. There are two inland lakes and nine small lakes on the island. Valaam island is located in the northern part of Ladoga lake.
The Kalyazin Bell Tower - flooded belfry27 views
The golden ship on the lake at sunset34 viewsThe horizon line is almost invisible
The sunset27 viewsThe sun at sunset is reflected in the still water of the lake
Barge is on the lake at sunset22 viewsThe red sun is reflected in the still water of the lake
Sad monument14 viewsThe Nativity Church in Krokhino (a former village in Belozersky District of Vologda Oblast). Krokhino got into the inundation zone at the time of construction of deep Volga–Baltic Waterway. Only the church that had been situated on the elevation stayed above the water level.
Waterway to the sky33 viewsBuoys and markers on the Beloe lake in Belozersky District of Vologda Oblast indicate the best or preferred route to take
View of Lake Ritsa in the Caucasus Mountains18 viewsAbkhazia. The lake is surrounded by mixed mountain forests and subalpine meadow. The depth of the lake is 116 meters
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